At Network Courier we give added value to our logistics services, putting our facilities at your disposal, which will cover all your logistics storage needs and provide efficient solutions with which you will obtain an improvement in the organization of your company, saving resources and an improvement in productivity.
We have the most innovative storage methods and the most advanced techniques so that your products are always in perfect condition.

The professionals that make up Network Courier have designed flexible and quality storage solutions, which give our customers the confidence and security they need to know that their products are being stored correctly and without any type of risk. We fully adapt to the needs of your company.

The Network Courier team of professionals is responsible for providing efficient and high-quality solutions to companies throughout Madrid, where we have strategically located facilities, whose location allows us to access the main roads and manage your merchandise as quickly as possible .

We solve the need of a large number of clients in Madrid, to have an extra storage space for their company, which at a reduced cost, allows them to achieve an improvement in their activity and an increase in their productivity.

Our professional career is extensive, and it has allowed us to know the sector and adapt our warehouses to the needs of our clients, reaching today with the most efficient storage system in Madrid. Our facilities have the latest technologies and the most advanced equipment, with which both the handling and the transfer of your merchandise within our warehouse is the safest and most reliable you will find for your company.

Our storage service has solutions that your company requires for proper operation, thanks to which you can obtain greater profitability. We take care of storing your products using different methods according to your needs, such as stock storage on pallets, picking racks, loose boxes or cages.

The security system that we have developed especially for our facilities, guarantees our clients a reliable storage service, in which their merchandise is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we have the appropriate temperature and humidity conditions for each type of product, which ensure that your products are kept in perfect condition at all times.

We acquire a strong commitment to our customers, and we put at your disposal the storage solutions that are characterized by being the highest quality in our sector, and that have a remote security system and rigorous access control. However, we have the registry of surveillance cameras and a complete fire safety system with extreme anti-theft security measures 24 hours a day, as well as multi-risk insurance for all merchandise stored in our facilities. We also carry out stock controls.

Provide us with the following information, with which our team will prepare a competitive and totally personalized budget for your company so that the storage needs of your company are covered with the best service in all of Madrid:

Your company data
Type and quantity of merchandise
Storage start date
Please let us know if you need any specific storage conditions

Warehouse : We have 32,000 m3 of logistics facilities in MECO (Madrid) with a fully equipped warehouse to offer you the logistics service you need at the optimal cost for our customers. Unique expertise. We promote innovation, and invest in process improvement, which allows the continuous evolution of the quality of the services offered by VIVACE LOGISTICA.

Customer Service Services : We will introduce you to the VIVACE LOGISTICA team that will perform the service for your Company, with a responsible person who will attend to your instructions and queries. Managing the customer relationship is key for us. Our commitment to quality is a key factor with the creation of customized specialized teams, such as a Key Account Manager, a reference for monitoring each project. What's more :
Dedicated team in each logistics center
Monitoring committees on a regular basis
Improvement plans
Logistics and transport, traceability in Madrid with information "on-line" : From our website you can consult in real time, the logistics activity of your items as well as the stock on the date you need.
Transport : We offer a personalized transport service depending on the shipping area of ​​your orders, also taking into account the weight of the shipment and the delivery times you need. We adapt the best storage and transport service according to your needs and for this we have the best collaboration agreements with the main transport agencies, whether for courier services, parcel or medium-full loads. This control tower model with national and international leaders in transportation is a factor in purchasing transportation at the best price and service.